• Fitness

“I’ve been out because of surgery and I can’t wait to get back to working with ShapeShift Group Fitness” – Jen, 28

“I have been with Aaron since June 2015 (and before that at another fitness center) and he is an amazing trainer and works full body workouts.  I have learned so much and came a long way. Thanks Aaron.”  – Lisa, 50

“I’ve worked out a lot before, but the exercises you have us doing are great, my whole body has to work, I can feel it.”  – Collin, 23

“I loved training with Aaron in preparation of my first ever figure competition, he motivated and pushed me and I saw real results.” – Olivia, 22

“Aaron is really good at training others, his exercises pushed me and I was surprised by the difficultly at times because the exercises looked easy, but the results are great.”  – Keegan, 32

  • Hockey

“I learn more in one hour of off-ice 1 on 1 training, than I do in all my on-ice summer camps combined.” – Caden, 14

“Max looks forward to skating with you all week!”  – Justin (Father of Max, 8)

“Once we get some outdoor ice, we want to get Blake working with you a lot!”  – Alicea (Mother of Blake, 7)

“Ben’s been saying all week I’m going to work with Aaron and he’s going to show me how to shoot the puck, so he’s excited!” – Nikki (Mother of Ben, 9)

“Coach where were you last time? Why weren’t you here? I missed you!”  – Greta, 7 (referring to me missing the previous practice session)

“Coach H, you were a lot of fun to play for, one of my favorites!” – Jim, 32