• Fitness Scheduling & Pricing

Personal fitness training is scheduled and priced independently.  We can discuss where and when we can train.  Various locations available.

Group fitness training is scheduled (currently) for Tuesday and Thursday Nights at 5:30pm-6:30pm.  Classes are priced monthly or under various circumstances other options can be worked out as needed.

Call, text, or email for details.

Check back for a list of upcoming classes and seminars.

  • Hockey Scheduling & Pricing

Scheduling and pricing is independent.  On-Ice & Off-ice 1 on 1 hockey training and small group hockey training are scheduled depending on your and my schedules.

Pricing is fixed by the hour, month, etc, package deals available.

With off ice hockey training I can come to your home if you have a garage space, you can come to my garage space, we can train at your rink, or any pre discussed located.

Check back for a list of any changes to upcoming classes and/or lessons.

Encourage your hockey association to contact me and we can help your whole association today!