FITNESS – Why You Will Stay With Us!

You will start exercising because you feel a need or desire to become healthier.  You will start exercising because you desire to change your body formation, maybe you will start exercising because a friend or family member has inspired you.  Beginnings of change are always difficult…

Here is why you’ll stay:

  • ShapeShift Fitness is special.
  • It may be a little tough in the beginning (sore muscles, mental blocks, not being able to do as many repitions or to go for as long as you desire) & this is normal.  Think about it, you are using your body in a new way, physiologically speaking your neuromuscular development hasn’t caught up to what you brain is telling your body to do yet… But it will — & that’s the exciting part — positive change is exciting!  You’ll  notice strength, coordination, posture, weight, and emotional changes — you’ll come back because you will see the benefit your effort has given you.
  • It begins with me & the person that I am. I am extremely empathetic to the needs of my clients during sessions and in off times too.  To me, each of my clients is someone who I greatly respect and desire the best outcomes for.
  • What I am NOT is a trainer who expects everyone to be the same  and I am NOT a “drill sargent” – no yelling from me.  I WILL encourage you, I WILL make sure your technique is strong and I WILL make sure it’s fun and fair for you as an individual in our group!
  • I will encourage you to do the best you can within the exercise we are doing given the repetitions asked and/or time allotted.  All exercises are modifiable and can be made easier or more difficult depending on need.  I will encourage clients to take a break at times & I encourage all my clients to be mindful of themselves, if they need to take a break, please do so, then get back into activity when you are ready.  Understanding all of my clients health histories, fitness & health goals are priorities.  PAR-Q’s & Liability Waivers are filled out & signed upon entering classes.  Again, all exercises are modifiable or other exercises can be provided upon request or if needed.  I attentively watch clients during activity for proper technique & discipline in doing so.  I would rather have you do 2 good reps, than 20 poor ones.
  • Once you become a part of ShapeShift fitness you’ll stay because of the people, maybe I’m a part of that, but, moreover, your classmates are a huge reason why you’ll stay.  I have good people working with me to achieve their goals and they and a I make it a fun environment to be a part of.

I am insured through NETA.

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