Creation & Vision

ShapeShift was created because…

I absolutely love & have passion for working with people, helping & seeing them grow.  In training youth and teenage hockey players I love helping enhance their abilities, engaging with them, seeing them inspired, watching them learn & have success.  It’s just fun & I enjoy it.  I love the game of hockey, teaching & learning about it.  I’m a fan of the game, but more so, I am a student of it.  Regarding fitness training for adults I find enjoyment in & have a passion for facilitating their self growth & awareness of their bodies while seeing them become more physically and physiologically healthy.  I’m passionate about their improvement, their safety in doing so, and their enjoyment of exercise so they continue to do so.

My reasons for creating ShapeShift, my current employment of my vision & my visions for future are multi-dimensional, multi-faceted & exciting!

SHAPESHIFT in its current state:

HOCKEY TRAINING  –  The idea came to me when I kept seeing children & teenagers participating in camps and/or practices where they couldn’t get enough one on one attention to truly develop their skills, even in the best intentioned of situations, even with certified coaches executing certified practice plans.  Even in my practices, their was simply too many players to help them all how I wish we could.  I thought there has to be a more effective & efficient way to help those in need or those in want of extra attention to progress their abilities, whether it be a forward, defender or a goaltender.  (And I can help any of the three.)

Every player at every level has some limitation(s) in their game that is holding them back from being as successful as they can be for themselves & for their teams.  And when I looked it the situation: I saw it as about time someone helped those in need or those in want of being the best they can be.

I asked myself what if these players were able to identify (I can do this) & develop the part(s) (I can do this) of the game that gave them the most difficulty, that held them back the most, that limited them.  What would happen then?  I estimated that players skill level would increase, their puck touches would multiple, & their effectiveness & enjoyment of the game would increase.  I foresee their emotional state (self esteem & awareness) benefitting, their understanding of, curiosity about & creativity within the game improving too.  Ultimately, they will enjoy the game more, play the game longer & we will see less kids & teens quitting the game.  The poor habits or attributes that made the game unsatisfying and they could not overcome will lessen or cease — the game will become fun again and they will continue enjoying it!

With me or another qualified & knowledgable practitioner like me the players improvement will be greatly enhanced by the individual attention of a 1 on 1 or small group lesson — the player will effectively & efficiently progress their abilities (lessen their learning curve timeline) & create habits that will benefit their development over numerous years, as well as, their development right now.

I believe that with this precise development model that the player in need or in want of extra attention can catch up to and/or surpass their peers on a team, city, state, or national level!

The player will not only helping themselves be more successful but will help their respective teams be more successful  — I’d also venture to say they’ll be more successful in life as well.

  • I saw a need in the hockey community (in the Duluth and surrounding area) for specialized development coaching
  • Saw that need as plenty children begin playing hockey later then their peers & because of this get discouraged right away — they often desire to catch up to their peers but feel helpless.  There was no extra outlet for them, a place where they could feel important and they could see improvement… so I created one
  • While helping those beginners is great, often overlooked in development is the rest of the players, the average to above average to really good – they have limitations too that they can improve upon and with that improvement becomes even more fun.  There was no place that a player like this could develop their skills… so I created one
  • Saw a need for a person/place young people could go to for all-around development of their hockey skills that wasn’t a practice or a game, a play where they could thrive, feel good about themselves, make an effort and leave with a smile
  • Saw the need because of non-quality repetition of hockey skills & that kids don’t play “shiny” hockey or “street” hockey, seemingly, as much as they used too, thus creating poor habits that stay with the player their whole career, many of which could’ve been avoided or curtailed and changed into good habits, thus improving performance & increasing fun
  • I’m also available as a coaching consultant, a video coach in relation to breaking down video for skill development understanding, an association advisor, an adjunct coach wherein I could coach specific skills to team members during practices & so on, the opportunities are only as endless as our imaginations.

FITNESS TRAINING – The idea came to me after seeing how much I enjoyed working with clients, how they reacted & enjoyed my training sessions — how they enjoyed my personality as a trainer, how they appreciated my empathy but also my steadfastness that they could give more effort than they often thought.

I knew from these previous experiences I would do a great job in helping people journey toward & achieve their goals in fitness & health.  The specific programs I create are challenging & fun.  My short term goals are that you are safely challenged & that you have fun.  My outcome goal is that you see & feel results — that physically & physiologically you become healthier so to live a long & happy life.

Ultimately your results will be directly linked to your physical & mental effort.  Physical effort in how you push yourself out of your comfort zone litte by little over time & mental effort by using correct form, as well as, having the self-awareness to understand when you need to scale back your physical efforts momentarily so to still be confident, excited & healthy later on to continue training.  Safety and self- awareness are very important.

These dichotomies of challenges & fun — physical & mental efforts are a part & have to be a part of a fitness program for general population success.  I’m proud that at ShapeShift all of these ideals are being put into practice.

As a trainer, I thoroughly enjoy creating fitness programs for groups & individuals.  I push myself creatively, to think outside the box, to find new ways to challenge clients through exercises that are not repitive weak to week, even if the same primary or secondary muscle group is being activated.  I believe that every type of training has merit depending on circumstance, the person or population you are working with & the outcome goals of those people you are serving.

My personality as a trainer & human being when in a leadership role is to be an encouraging spirit, to promote safety through proper execution of exercise, to create a fun atmosphere, facilitate transformation with each of my clients & I expect my clients to do the same, encourage each other, carry with them a positive attitude, give physical & mental effort and have a good time!

With the non athlete – general population fitness enthusiast my favorite type of training is that which is functional, meaning it parlays itself into your daily life.  For example I am not going to train a 50 year old non athlete the same way I would a 15 year old athlete.

Paramount in my program designs for group training are techniques that create multi-plane movement stimulating & utilizing many muscle groups in unison and in accordance with each other.  Improving strength & flexibility, balance & coordination, core strength & a better client understanding of their bodies is very important to me.  More in-depthy, those exercises that challenge bi-lateral function, contralateral brain function & neuromuscular mindfulness will be done often, although, as a client, you may not realize you’re even doing so or improving those areas.  I do tailor my programs for the needs of my clients, we get to know each other and I then know how to write a successful program, most if not all the exercises I practice are modifiable to a diverse population & I can have a diverse population in one class without any difficulty in flow or implementation of training for said session.

  • After training with me, I hope my clients feel they are more well rounded, healthy, human beings — more fit in body, mind, and spirit
  • It won’t be easy but what which is truly rewarding is?
  • The results you will achieve are worth the effort you’ve put forth
  • You will be fitter, healthier & it’d be surprised if you genuinely told me you weren’t happier
  • Your effort is worth it & your effort will be rewarded
  • All I ask is that you show you up, be genuine, give physical & mental effort & enjoy yourself with a great group of people


To open a studio wherein hockey skills, hockey fitness and general fitness can be housed under one roof.  The areas within the studio would include a synthetic ice area for skill development on skates, where skating and hockey playing could occur, a hockey specific training area complete with correct equipment & a general fitness area where group classes & personal training can be operated.  This space would be exactly what I am doing now just on a grander scale with a storefront eblazoned with the ShapeShift logo and graphics on its awning & inside.  Apparel would be sold, personal best records would be kept, hockey & general fitness sessions could happen at the same time.  Employees could be gained, more clients could be had and ShapeShift would expand.


Along with the studio described above, I dream of a holistic training center, where a physical therapist is employed (which could be me, if I continue my schooling), a psychotherapist is employed, a massage therapist, various holistic healers (at my discretion) & possible other health professionals.  This would create one space for a person to meet their needs of Body, Mind, & Spirit, where the faculty would be experienced and qualified.  This style of operation is in contrast of how we do things now, go to one place for this, one for that, one for another, & so on.  That doesn’t make sense to me, especially that life has increasingly became busier and busier, one stop shopping for your health needs makes sense to me.

Who is with me?